Our earthwork services ensure efficient excavation and land preparation while minimizing environmental impact and complying with regulations for construction projects.

Our earthwork services offer comprehensive solutions for land excavation, grading, and site preparation, prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and precision. With extensive experience and expertise, our skilled team employs advanced techniques and machinery to ensure optimal results while minimizing environmental impact. From initial site assessment to final landscaping, we adhere to strict safety protocols and environmental regulations, delivering earthwork services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. Whether it’s land clearing, trenching, or soil stabilization, you can trust our dedicated professionals to handle your earthwork needs with professionalism and expertise, creating a solid foundation for your construction or development project.


Earthwork Projects

  • Warren Glen Fibermark Papermill

    Asset Recovery • Earthwork • Industrial Demolition • Recycling • Remediation

    $9.2 million + scrap recycled

  • Seth Boyden Court

    Dismantlement • Earthwork • Infrastructure • Remediation

    $8+ million in contract revenue • $780k+ in recycled materials


Perdomo is insured and bonded with fully operational OSHA Safety and Drug/Alcohol monitoring program along with a mandated continuing education.

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Over the past 20 years, Perdomo has developed a business model focused on adding value throughout its customers’ decommissioning & demolition process.

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