Perdomo specializes in demolishing wastewater treatment facilities, tackling complex tasks such as excavation, tank removal, and system dismantling, all while navigating ongoing operations and collaborating for successful outcomes.

Perdomo has extensive demolition experience in wastewater treatment facilities including deep excavation, foundations and tank removals, dewatering, both cast-in-place and precast concrete, masonry, pumps, piping, valves, cranes, gates, odor control systems, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, architectural, and instrumentation and controls systems.

In addition, Perdomo has significant experience on the plant site with yard piping, electrical feeders, civil modifications, rehabilitation to existing buildings, miscellaneous demolition throughout, and mass demolition to existing facilities.  Despite wastewater treatment facilities being one of the more difficult kinds of demolition projects because of the sheer complexity both above and below ground as well as ongoing facility operations, Perdomo works closely with contractors and jurisdictions for mutually successful outcomes. 


Wastewater Facility Projects

  • Noman Cole Pollution Control Plant

    Wastewater Treatment

    Over $7 million in demolition projects

  • UOSA Water Treatment Plant

    Tank Decommissioning • Wastewater Treatment

    Large Capacity Removals Including Clarifiers

  • Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater Treatment

    $15M in projects across nearly 17 years • 2nd Largest treatment plant of its kind

  • Arlington County Water Pollution Control Plant

    Wastewater Treatment

  • Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater Treatment

    63.0 MGD

  • Alexandria Renew

    Wastewater Treatment

  • Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater Treatment

  • Percy D. Miller Water Treatment Plant

    Wastewater Treatment

  • D.C. Water Main Pumping Station

    Wastewater Treatment


Perdomo is insured and bonded with fully operational OSHA Safety and Drug/Alcohol monitoring program along with a mandated continuing education.

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Over the past 20 years, Perdomo has developed a business model focused on adding value throughout its customers’ decommissioning & demolition process.

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